Chronic Acne: Hormone Imbalance or Not.

Chronic acne may be a symptom of hormone imbalance … or not. It can be very stressful for those affected by it. Adults, not just teenagers, suffer from this condition. The first thing to do is find the root cause. A dermatologist should be consulted especially to determine if hormones play a role. Whatever the … Read more Chronic Acne: Hormone Imbalance or Not.

Hormone Imbalance: Hirsutism

One common symptom of hormone imbalance in women is hirsutism. This is defined as male-pattern hair growth, superfluous hair growth, among other terms. It is a major cause for concern and a stress point for most people who are afflicted with this condition. The Endocrine System and Hirsutism The endocrine system plays a key role … Read more Hormone Imbalance: Hirsutism

Hormone Imbalance Symptom: What’s Yours?

Something just isn’t right with … whatever it is you’re concerned about. In this case, we’re going to look at symptoms due to hormone imbalance. What is your particular symptom? This Doesn’t Feel Right What’s wrong with me? You may not know the cause or exactly how to explain what is happening. It is obvious … Read more Hormone Imbalance Symptom: What’s Yours?