What Causes Excessive Hair Growth On Women | Myth Vs Facts

Hirsutism, characterized by excessive, unwanted hair growth in women, often mirrors male-pattern hair distribution. It’s also commonly referred to as hirsutism. It’s a condition that’s not only misunderstood but also shrouded in myths, affecting approximately 5-10% of women worldwide. This article seeks to shed light on hirsutism, moving beyond its cosmetic perception to highlight its … Read more

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Easiest Hair Removal Methods | Epilators, Waxing, or Shaving?

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Hormone Imbalance Treatment Options | Role of a Dermatologist

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Hirsutism FAQ | How Does a Dermatologist Treat Chronic Acne?

“Hirsutism FAQ | How Does a Dermatologist Treat Chronic Acne?” sheds light on two common dermatological conditions. They are both caused by hormonal imbalances. Hirsutism defines excessive hair growth in women, while chronic acne is a persistent and distressing skin condition. And, a dermatologist diagnoses and treats these conditions effectively. Treatment includes a multifaceted approach … Read more

Hirsutism: Superfluous Hair Growth in Women | FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about hirsutism: What is hirsutism? Hirsutism is a condition characterized by excessive hair growth in women in areas where hair is typically minimal or absent, such as the face, chest, back, and abdomen. What causes hirsutism? Hirsutism can be caused by various factors, including hormonal imbalances, such as … Read more

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When Should You See an Endocrinologist? | Hirsutism Questions.

Do you have questions about hirsutism? Is one of them when should you see an endocrinologist? You probably know there’s something unusual going on in your body. Hirsutism, excessive hair growth, is an outward show of the possibility of something more serious going on. So, find out about this and other conditions posing a threat … Read more

Obesity and Hirsutism | Overweight & Excessive Hair Growth

What’s the relationship between obesity and hirsutism aka overweight and excessive hair growth? It may not be obvious that there’s a connection between the two. As a matter of fact, both may be side effects of another condition or disease. This is mainly due to hormone imbalance, so it’s best to get to the root … Read more