The COVID-19 Mask and Acne … or Rather Maskne!


“The COVID-19 Mask and Acne … or Rather Maskne,” addresses the skincare issues that may be caused from close contact with and wearing the mask frequently.

The year 2020 has seen the cruel impact of COVID-19 on our health on a pandemic level. There are also less critical side effects as a result of wearing a mask consistently.

This has caused some people to break out in the area the mask covers. It is appropriately referred to in the skincare and health arenas as “maskne” (mask acne).

For many people, including those suffering from hormonal disorders, acne is a bothersome condition. We will now take a look at the COVID-19 mask and acne as it affects a wider population.

While we take the pandemic seriously, we should not overlook what may seem like a small thing in comparison.

COVID-19 Mask: An Essential Bother.

It’s essential to wear a mask in an effort to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Many countries have made it mandatory, but overall it is encouraged.

Not everyone is compliant and even those who are find it somewhat bothersome. Not many people are accustomed to wearing a mask and definitely not for such long periods of time.

There is more than one reason why skin breaks out from wearing a mask over time …

  • One concern is hygiene when care is not taken to ensure the mask is clean.
  • Another is lack of exposure to fresh air and sunlight.
  • Bacteria can grow when air is trapped from regularly breathing into the mask.
  • Irritation from and allergic reactions to some types of material is also a consideration.

Until it is safe to do so, continue wearing your mask as a precautionary measure during the pandemic. Neglecting to do so may be more detrimental than a skin breakout.

Take a breather whenever possible. Remove your mask after washing your hands. Handling it with unclean hands is another sure way to spread contamination.


Are You a Maskne Candidate? First Protect.

We can all be candidates for getting maskne because of the amount of time we have parts of our faces covered. It is also a matter of hygiene.

Are you ensuring the mask you wear is clean? Disposable masks are for single use and should be discarded after wearing it once. Fabric masks, on the other hand, are reusable and should be washed after each use.

A good idea is to have a few to make it more convenient. This way you’re not tempted to wear an unsanitary mask as that is a risky practice.

“Prevention is better than cure” is a valuable phrase that should be applied in the absence of any sign of an outbreak.

If you make a conscious decision to protect your skin on a daily basis, it will serve as a positive step towards a better outcome.

You may be a candidate for maskne but you don’t have to be a victim.


Now That Maskne’s Got You, There’s Hope.

One look in the mirror could catch you off guard as this outbreak seems to creep up on you. Or maybe you noticed a small pimple and ignored it.

Maybe the roughness you feel or notice is brushed off as mere neglect after a hard day’s work. You, truthfully, may have been too tired to keep up with your regular regimen, if you have one at all.

Wait! Before you freak out … something can be done to put your mind at ease. It’s not too late; it will require some dedication on your part.

Eliminating maskne may take a little while to accomplish depending on your skin condition, contributing health issues, and consistency in fighting it. Maskne shouldn’t have the upper hand.

If you are already battling severe acne due to hormonal irregularities, this may be another uphill struggle but totally worth the effort to see the results you are looking for.

Although it is out of sight covered by a mask while you’re in the presence of others or not standing in front of the mirror, don’t become complacent. Be vigilant.


A Full Skincare Regimen: Maskne Beware!

Start afresh with a renewed effort or undertake a new regimen. A full skincare regimen can be a way to having a fresher and blemish-free look for the year ahead.

We would love to see the end of COVID-19 as 2020 closes out, and I hope we do; however, there’s no need to feel hopeless in what may be the most depressing time for everyone.

The marketplace is flooded with a host of skincare products and companies. It can be very difficult to make a decision to choose what is right for you.

Research is key! Know your skin type and what is appropriate for you. If you are having difficulties controlling misbehaving skin, you may need to speak with a skincare specialist or dermatologist.

A daily skincare regimen consists of …

  1. Cleanser: This is the first step … a clean slate to build on.
  2. Treatment: This is where masks, scrubs, elixirs, and peels come in.
  3. Day Moisturizer with SPF: Daytime protection is essential and should follow a cleanser or treatment when one is used.
  4. Night Moisturizer: Nighttime moisturizer is usually thicker than daytime and doesn’t include SPF.

For the best results, be consistent; however, do not become discouraged if you mess up. Just pick up from where you left off. Don’t let things get out of hand.

Your mission is to defeat maskne or any other troublesome skin condition. The optimal goal is to achieve or maintain flawless skin.

Say Goodbye to Maskne!


COVID-19 Maskne … Meet Its Match!

So here’s the thing: Maskne, which is caused by sensitivity and irritation from wearing a mask especially during the pandemic period of COVID-19, has affected a number of individuals.

Those who are normally affected by acne know how distressing it can be especially if they are unable to find a remedy. The mask may hide what’s going on but doesn’t eliminate the stress.

Be ahead of the game by taking the approach that “Prevention is better than cure” and take action before the problem shows up. The benefits will be gratifying.

A few tips and a full skincare regimen can be very helpful, especially if done with consistency.

Start the New Year right as we remain optimistic to say goodbye to COVID-19 in 2021.

I am an Independent Sales Representative with Avon and a licensed esthetician. I invite you to visit my online store and take a look at Avon’s skincare lines.

I hope this short article, “The COVID-19 Mask and Acne … or Rather Maskne,” has helped you in some way. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below. I will be happy to assist you.


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