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17-in-1 Facial Machine Review: Diamond Included!

Space saver, convenient, and easy to use are some reasons to love this 17-in-1 facial machine. I bought mine a few years ago directly from the manufacturers. It has been a great investment.

I have used it at home for family members, in a salon room, and traveled with it for mobile clients.

Estheticians who would prefer to have everything as one unit will be delighted with it.

17-in-1 Facial Machine on Amazon

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Overall Features

Product: 17-in-1 Facial Machine Review/17-in-1 Elite Series Multifunction Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial Machine

Sold by: Amazon

Price: $1,499.88 (retail, no wholesale price available from manufacturers). Free shipping.

Guarantee: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

My Rating: 10

A Closer Look at the Features.

This multitasker, 17-in-1 Facial Machine, comes with …

Diamond Microdermabrasion Attachments.
  1. Diamond Microdermabrasion (effective for acne treatment)
  2. Bio-Lift Microcurrent
  3. Galvanic Current Facial
  4. High frequency
  5. Electro-Dessicating Spot Remover
  6. Natural Bristle Gentle Exfoliating Rotary Brush
  7. Vacuum Extractor
  8. Spray Difuser
  9. Skin Exfoliator
  10. Product Infuser Device
  11. Facial Steamer with Ozone
  12. 2-in1 Ultraviolet Sterilizer
  13. & Towel Warmer
  14. 5x (16 Diopter) Magnifier Lamp
  15. Wood’s Lamp Skin Analyzer
  16. Utility Mixing Bowl
  17. Tool Storage Rack
Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Bonus: Free Skincare Kit ($175 value)

Although a manual isn’t physically included, one will be sent to you by email.

What Are the Benefits?

Here are 17 reasons to love your multifunctional machine:

  1. This combo is a great space saver. If you are a booth renter, you will appreciate how little space it takes up.
  2. It is easy to assemble. Download the manual and get to work or follow the chart that comes in the package.
  3. It saves time; time is money! Eliminate the extra steps to get from one equipment to the other.
  4. Enhance your clients’ experience with a warm towel without having to walk away from them.
  5. Easily sterilize your implements right there in front of you and get them as needed.
  6. All attachments are neatly stored on the unit.
  7. How about the dual benefits of a microdermabrasion wand and a separate skin tightening wand on the same unit?
  8. Herbs and essential oils can be added for a more relaxing and beneficial experience.
  9. It’s great for a mobile business. With a little manpower, you are good to go.
  10. The price is right. Add up all the equipment separately. You’ll see the savings.
  11. It makes you stand out as a smart buyer. You made a wise decision.
  12. Ozone steam helps to loosen dirt particles, removes excessive oils from the skin, and unplugs pores.
  13. Excellent light and magnifier. The dual feature with flexible (and removable) arm gives better visibility.
  14. Lockable wheels allow it to be moved around easily then locked for safety.
  15. Get an entire skincare line free of cost! This is good especially if you’re just starting out and haven’t decided on a line of products yet. If you’re looking for another line to add, you can try this out.
  16. Check out your manual online and save the trees!
  17. Enjoy the guarantee that comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Why It Is Right for You and Your Business?

When you take its features and benefits into consideration, this is a great fit for small, midsize, and larger salons and spas. Where do you fit in?

For small businesses, if you have one esthetician working, this is a phenomenal value in more ways than one. Limited floor and countertop space is usually a problem. With this equipment, that’s one less thing to stress over.

If you are midsize and have one or more estheticians, this could be your primary machine … especially if you do not need more than one set of its many attachments.

Larger businesses may not be concerned about saving space as much as other businesses. But space could still be a concern, especially when you have multiple equipment. You will also find other features beneficial.

The Perfect Spa Getaway

This Sums it Up.

So here’s the thing: You are a licensed esthetician with limited space, a midsize business, a large salon or spa. Facial equipment is critical to your business. And there are several on the market to choose from.

Looking at features and benefits is a great place to start. The 17-in-1 multifunctional machine doesn’t have to be your only pick, but it will outshine some of the others.

Any size salon or spa is the right size to welcome this multitasker into the family.

If you are an esthetician trying to make a decision for a functional facial machine, I hope this review has helped you in some way.

Feel free to leave your questions and comments below. I will do my best to address them.

Spa Treatment

How to Remove Acne Scars … Safely.

Acne scars are a great concern as they can be quite unsightly. Pimples, cysts or other manifestations of acne often leave scars. Sometimes they are manipulated to get pus or other substances out, causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

If you are looking for information on how to remove acne scars, this article will help. There are a few ways to minimize or get rid of these scars safely without worsening the condition … professional and non-professional methods.

Find out which treatment is right for you.


Painful and Unsightly

Acne is associated with the onset of puberty, temporary changes in life such as pregnancy, emotional stress, and hormonal imbalance.

Whatever the cause, the effects can be devastating. Sometimes they are painful, can result in low self-esteem, and leave unsightly blemishes.

When excess oil and dead cells accumulate at the base of hair follicles, it results in bacteria. The inflammation that shows up on the face and other areas indicates that there is an infection.

Blemishes occur when tissue becomes damaged. This happens based on the severity of the acne condition or when the skin is irritated in some other way. This usually takes a toll on a person’s self-esteem.

If caution is not used to remove them safely, the condition can be made worse … permanently!

The Pits and Blackness

Scars, such as “ice picks” are like small pits, which can be permanent without advance treatment. Dark blotches may take a long time before they go away … or not … unless treated.

These conditions can really leave one feeling down and out … in the pits. Not only is there physical darkness but also emotional depression. Self-worth is often affected by one’s outward appearance.

With several options available, there is no need to settle for being less than you can become. As usual, do your research. Arm yourself with knowledge.

It is important to ensure that you get the result you are looking for and not a worsening of your condition.

Blemish Away! Be Gone!

The most common methods to remove acne scars are …

  • Microdermabrasion: This treatment uses an abrasive device to exfoliate the outer layer of the skin allowing it to rejuvenate. The two main methods used are diamond tip or crystal. It is best to have a dermatologist or licensed esthetician perform these services. At-home products and devices are also available.
  • Chemical peels: These have a similar effect to microdermabrasion except that chemicals are used instead. Different chemicals and different levels will determine the actual end result. They are best administered by a dermatologist or esthetician; however, there are at-home products.
  • Dermabrasion: This removes deeper layers of skin and is performed by a dermatologist. Healing takes a much longer time.
  • Natural solutions: These may be made with herbs or other natural ingredients … commercial or homemade. Examples are tea tree essential oils and vitamin C.
Vitamin C

Other treatments include surgery to level out the “pits.” This is extreme and involves greater risks.

Pros and Cons

Microdermabrasion is effective; however, there may be mild side effects such as redness or tenderness. These usually last for only a few hours. Avoid sun exposure for a few weeks. Protect your skin with sunscreen.

Chemical peels are also effective, but have side effects such as redness, hyperpigmentation (increased melanin) or hypopigmentation (reduced melanin). Sun exposure should be avoided.

Dermabrasion is also considered very effective for those who are candidates. There may be even greater side effects. Sun exposure should definitely be avoided as instructed by your dermatologist.

A thorough consultation will be done by a professional, dermatologist or esthetician, to determine if you are a candidate for any of these treatments. They are not for everyone, so be knowledgeable before moving forward.

At-home products and devices may be less costly and readily available. If they are not used properly, side effects could be detrimental.

New Look, New Lease on Life

When acne scars are removed, a person’s self-confidence and image are restored. Social interactions are usually improved as a result. Individuals have been known to become more outspoken, and even apply for positions they were afraid to undertake before.

Some individuals have started dressing better and become involved in relationships they would have shied away from previously. The fear of being rejected is no longer a factor.

Look for support from family members and/or friends who will be there every step of the way. Embrace these relationships. Everyone needs support to go through difficult moments.

You can also make a difference to others by being supportive and sharing your experiences with them.

Get A New Lease on Life

From Flair Up to Clear Up

So here’s the thing: Sometimes scars or blemishes are the aftereffects of an acne condition. In addition, there may be pain due to inflammation from bacteria.

There are a few treatments that can minimize the appearance of these blemishes. They come in the form of professional or non-professional devices and substances.

A dermatologist or licensed esthetician should be considered over at-home treatments. Your safety is more guaranteed in the hands of a professional.

Take the time to educate yourself to see if you are a candidate for any of these treatments. Remember, they are not for everyone. If they are not for you, find a way to free yourself from the discomfort and pain from your physical appearance.

Enjoy the benefits of having blemish-free skin and greater self-confidence thus conquering your social fears. Sometimes all it takes is the support of family members and friends to encourage and help you through a difficult period.

Pay it forward and share with others who are having similar experiences. Make a difference.

I hope this short article, “How to Remove Acne Scars … Safely,” has helped you in some way. There is a vast amount of information on the subject and related matter. This is just an introduction especially for those who are at a loss and need to be pointed in the right direction.

Feel free to leave your questions and comments below. I will do my best to address them.

(As an Amazon Associate, I earn on qualifying purchases.)

You Can Enjoy Blemish-Free Skin